Coffee is Good for your Health. - updated April 2021

I spotted this article in The Times ( on how coffee can reduce or even stop prostate cancer. Apparently there are two compounds — kahweol acetate and cafestol —  that are found in espresso coffee made from Arabica beans (but often not found in filter coffee). These compounds were shown to slow or even stop prostate cancer growth in a pilot study presented at the European Association of Urology conference this year.

This prompted me to research the other health benefits of coffee.

So here goes:

  1. Coffee makes us strong emotionally

Drinking coffee makes us emotionally stronger. In this way, we become capable of handling emotional breakdowns and can recover from them. So if you are weak emotionally,  you must drink coffee on regular basis. It will surely make you capable of resisting the emotional pains you are going through.

  1. And also supports us physically

It is now scientifically proven that coffee supports us physically. While sipping our daily dose of coffee, it helps muscle development and gives energy to carry out our day to day activities. Therefore, if you want to develop your physique, we will recommend that you drink coffee more often.

  1. It empowers our brain

Coffee helps in activating  brain cells.  The people who are of a creative nature tend to drink a lot of coffee. It is because coffee increases their thinking power and makes them capable of taking tough decisions.

  1. We can relax ourselves having a warm cup of coffee

With a warm cup of coffee, we will be able to calm down our nerves. If there are lots of things going on in our mind, having a sip of coffee will surely give you peace. In this way, we will are able to make  better decisions. It draws our brain in the right direction.

  1. It makes us alert about the happenings in our surroundings

Sometimes, when people are caught up in the mid st of many thoughts, we become unaware of the things happening around us. Coffee makes us mentally aware and makes us focus on such activities.

  1. Having a cup of coffee hydrates our body

Dehydration in our body is cause for many infections and harmful effect on our body. But, while drinking coffee, we also increase the amount of our water intake. Due to this, our body will never feel short of the water that it needs to survive and function.

  1. Coffee sugar is calorie free

In case you don’t want calories, you just have to reduce the amount of sugar, syrups or milk, in your coffee cup. Raw coffee doesn’t have even a bit of calorie in it.

  1. It also helps in improving the flow of blood across our body

When Coffee reaches our blood cells in the form of a fluid, it provides the body with the necessary amount of hydration. As a result, the flow of blood in our veins improves and reaches each of our body organs quickly.

  1. Coffee is also an effective antioxidant

As coffee is an effective antioxidant, it restricts the growth of harmful radicals in our body. Because of this, it prevents our body to fall before some bacteria and harmful elements.

  1. We can also reduce the risk of cancer with six cups of coffee in a day

Coffee is having such elements in it, that restricts the growth of cancer cells in our body. Therefore, an avid coffee drinker is less prone to such deadly diseases. Coffee can save you from cancer of liver, prostate, throat and a lot more.

  1. Drinking a cup of coffee will also keep your heart in a proper balance

Coffee also improves the flow of blood in our body. This reduces the effort that our heart has to make so as to let the blood flow through our body. In this way, our heart remains in a balanced position and works in an appropriate manner on all grounds.

  1. It is also beneficial for our internal organs such as liver

If you drink alcohol it weakens the liver, whereas having few cups of coffee a day helps in improving its condition.

UPDATE - I was contacted by Charles Vallena who completed his own research on "health benefits of coffee," and came up with an extensive list of 85 benefits, (which puts mine to shame!). He used sources from Harvard University, National Library of Medicine, and other reputable publications, so visit his site  and share the coffee passion.

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