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Enjoying a good coffee is the best way to start the day. A multifaceted experience of aromas and perfumes that awakes all the senses. Delicate, soft, strong or intense, coffee is an incredible ingredient that can satisfy many palates.


There are two main varieties of coffeeArabica and Robusta, which have featured in previous blogs as each one with unique characteristics.


The differences between the various types of coffee are linked to the origin of the beans and to the roasting. For example, a long and high-temperature roasting makes coffee beans darker, with a more intense aroma. On the contrary, a light-medium temperature roasting will unleash more aromatic notes and give coffee a velvety and lighter taste.


Therefore, each quality of coffee has unmistakable features, based on different elements: taste, aroma, acidity, body and intensity.


Coffee is about making a choice that suits your taste, so let’s quickly summarise those properties and differences amongst the two best known varieties of coffee.


Arabica coffee: Qualities and characteristics

A delicate taste that expresses a complex aromatic profile is the perfect description for Arabica coffee. This variety has its roots in Yemen and Ethiopia, but nowadays, it is grown in Latin America and in some areas of Africa. It represents the 70% of the worldwide coffee production.

The main features of Arabica coffee are a delicate taste, a fruity aroma, a soft and light body, and a medium intensity. 100% Arabica coffee is fragrant, sweet and slightly acidic, and it is perfect for the ones who love a classic and comforting taste.


Robusta coffee: Qualities and characteristics

Intense, strong and with a thick, hazelnut colour, cream: we are talking about Robusta coffee. This variety of coffee is grown in Africa, Southeast Asia and Brazil. It is the second most produced variety in the world after Arabica. It has a high caffeine content and is the ideal choice for those who prefer a full-bodied and strong taste. Robusta coffee beans have a dark shade and a round shape.


In general, Robusta coffee has a strong taste, a spicy-chocolatey aroma, sometimes with nutty undertones, a round and rich body, and a high intensity.


Which is the best coffee variety?

Having ascertained that one must always prefer high quality coffee, roasted carefully and correctly, the choice of the best variety remains very subjective. In general, we can say that those who like a stronger coffee with a fuller body will prefer blends that contain a percentage of Robusta. On the other hand, those who love a velvety taste on the palate will be more attracted to the Arabica variety.


Moreover, opting for a blend (consisting of coffee from different regions and territories) or a single-origin (beans cultivated within a single geographic region) is also a very personal choice. The geographic origin, really does affects the in-cup result.


Espressopedia, in its selection of high quality blends, offers Espresso Intenso and Vigoroso coffees, these perfectly balance the varied aromatic profile of Arabica and the strength of Robusta coffee. The taste has light notes of hazelnuts, toasted bread and dark chocolate, and the aroma has delicate hints of cocoa. The blend is made up of 30% Arabica and 70% Robusta, which make the coffee round and rich, with a thick layer of crema and a light acidity.

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