Different types of coffee for different times of the day - how do the Italians do it?

Everyone has a favourite type of coffee, some like a milky macchiato or latte, some prefer a strong, black espresso while others love a frothy cappuccino.  In Italy though, each type of coffee is traditionally consumed at different times of day. Italians like their morning coffee milky. Breakfast time is the traditional time for macchiato, cappuccino, and mokaccino. Whether you prefer the frothed milk of cappuccino with a sprinkle of cocoa powder on top, the creamy steamed milk of a latte or a chocolatey mokaccino topped with whipped cream, morning is the proper time to drink it. The lactose and fat content of these milk rich drinks will provide an energy boost to last until lunch.

 Although Italians deem coffee with milk acceptable as a mid morning drink, perhaps with a biscotti or small pastry snack, they wouldn’t dream or ordering a coffee with milk after lunchtime. They would also never drink milky coffee after a meal for fear of upsetting their digestion. In Italy, the perfect end to a perfect meal is a strong black shot of espresso in a demitasse. The strong burst of caffeine certainly helps to combat the drowsy after dinner feeling but, if you like your coffee a little larger, an Americano will also do the trick. After midday Italians drink their coffee black and will happily continue drinking into the evening. Later in the day, they may well add a slug of grappa or other liquor to their espresso to create a caffè corretto, but they would never consider adding milk.  

Whether you choose to drink your coffee the Italian way or break with tradition and add milk in the afternoon, you’ll find the perfect choice of Italian coffee, in the Espressopedia range.

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