Causing a stir in 2022

One of the positive outcomes of staying at home over the past 18 months is how many of us have turned into coffee afficionados. Missing out on the daily café trip for our Americano, cappuccino or flat white, many people have dusted off the coffee under the stairs – or upgraded to more sophisticated equipment altogether – and exploring the exciting Italian coffees available from Espressopedia.

 People have swapped instant coffee for pods and beans, and dabbled with frothing and latte art. The result? A whole repertoire of skills,(as shown by the photos Espressopedia customers send to me), and the delicious aromas that now fills our homes.

In celebration of all things coffee, we look at different ways to make a great cup of coffee and how our website (and packaging) helps you to discover new styles and roasts to tease your palette. We have introduced both organic roasts as well as a new range of compostable coffee pods (Caffe Vergnano)  in 2021. We had fun making (and tasting) coffee-inspired cocktails that you can whizz up on a chilly winters evening. Your journey into the wonderful world of coffee continues in 2022 with Espressopedia.

Take your taste buds on a tour.! However you choose to make your brew there is no shortage of flavours to savour on the Espressopedia shelves from a rich caramel Intenso to a light and fruity 100% Arabica, all exalting the organoleptic properties of the coffee origin. Try something new and remember to share the results with us.

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