How to make a frothy coffee (Part 1)

Are you having problems with frothing your milk? No matter what you do, you cannot get that frothy coffee you desire.

I can help.

One of the key elements to crafting a perfect cappuccino or latte is creating that long-lasting milk foam.

Ever spent a good amount of time hunched over the espresso machine, staring into the jug,  frothing milk with the steam wand only to then watch in dismay as the milk foam slowly collapses a few minutes later. What a big anti-climax.

But don’t beat yourself up. There’s likely a simple reason why your frothed milk keeps on collapsing.

Stick around as in this article, I’ve shared some insider tips and tricks to ensure your milk foam really stands out and always holds firm.

Increasing Your Chances Of Quality Frothed Milk

To make the best-frothed milk, you always need to start with cold milk because the proteins inside the milk are still completely intact. The size of the frothing jug is also significant as it affects how the milk turns out.

Always use a jug that is slightly larger than the one you need. For example, a 150ml of milk would require an 200ml jug minimum. The marginally larger jug will allow you to swirl and work the milk far easier.

Don’t underestimate swirling.

Swirling is a crucial part of creating high-quality frothed milk. The swirling technique allows you to incorporate air as well as making sure the milk is evenly heated.

The milk frother also plays a big part in the process. The hot air that shoots out from the tip of the steam wand acts as a makeshift whisk and adds more air into the milk, which in turn generates more bubbles.

If the tip of the steamer is held too far above the surface of the milk, the burst of hot air will typically produce larger bubbles and an uneven texture.

On the flip side, if the steam wand tip is held too far below the milk’s surface, the milk will heat up (steamed milk) instead of producing any froth, foam, or bubbles.

Simply put. The position of the steam nozzle can make or break the texture of your frothed milk.

So keeping that in mind, ensuring that the wand is in the correct position is a sure way to improve the texture and consistency of your frothed milk.

Adjust this before anything else, and you might be surprised with the results.

Still struggling? Then read part 2 of the guide.

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